gChina Customers, Social Media, HQ!

May 14th, 2018 – May 20th, 2018

Here are a few quick updates on gChina!


We still do not have gPants inventory, but doing everything we can them made/shipped ASAP. We have simplified the order and going to start with solid colors only (see below). We do, however, have a ton of inserts showing up this week…which leads us to our first insert customer!


Cute, yeah?

gDiaper U.S Customer turned expat!

Check this out. gDiapers had a customer from Detroit who completely used/loved the system with their first child. Recently, they moved to Shanghai and had their second child and reached out to gDiapers U.S.A to see if they’d ship to China, they referred them to us, and we happily sold our first inserts! What a perfect match!

Without having gPants ready, we only have inserts, so she quite possibly could have been the only customer who can purchase inserts in China.

Full blown system

Her baby turned gChina model


gDiapers HQ

I had the chance to meet with the gDiapers headquarters in Portland! They have a wonderful team in NE and we’re very generous with their time. I learned a lot and look forward to working with them to develop gChina.

To give you a sense of how passionate their customer base is, check this out. They had polled their global community to submit ideas to collectively design a backpack that holds the diapers + inserts. gDiapers gathered all the feedback, partnered with Crumpler, and produced an amazing product. All features from a built-in waterproof pouch on the bottom, to interior bottle holders, it’s all there. g’s customers love the brand and it shows with all the energy poured into this backpack.

They were also nice enough to let me take an official “g” backpack back to China!

Velcro “g” on the outside can be customized

Beautiful colors, tons of great features. 


gChina Social

With company bank accounts entirely setup (took ~2 months start to finish), we can apply for our social accounts. Let the games begin!

Two essential social platforms that are a must have  for brands are Weibo (similar to Twitter) and WeChat Official Service Account (similar to a website). There are lots of other channels/platforms to experiment with, like DouYin, which is incredibly popular right now, but these two are absolute baseline.

Here is a screenshot of what a WeChat Official Account looks like.

gDiapers WeChat Official “Service” Account

There are two types of Official Accounts — Service and Subscription. There are lots of good explanations online, but this table from WalkTheChat sums it up. For all company accounts (unless you’re a media company that pushes out a ton of daily content), I’d recommend always signing up for Service accounts.


Weibo is much simpler, and really the only difference between a company/personal account, is the infamous “blue v” (see below) and you can add your contact information so customers can reach out to you.  This costs RMB 300/year (~$50) and relatively fast/easy to set up with a business license.



Taobao “Kickstarter” Launch!

We had a slight delay but officially launch tomorrow (May 21st)! Look forward to an update next week, and of course, a link. Sorry, we don’t ship to the U.S :).


PS: If you any feedback on how I can make these updates more valuable to you (besides just following along our story), I’m open to any/all ideas. I can share trends in Chinese retail, online/offline distribution, macro China-U.S, stories etc. Let me know!

Thanks again for reading.