Alibaba, Samples, and New Team Member!

April 9th, 2018 – April 15th, 2018


After LifeCow’s first full week in Hangzhou – I know we chose the right location! Everyone I meet, we’re ramming home the natural, organic, and eco-friendly nature of our business and sustainable consumer products are a big trend here — we’re going to make it happen!

Alibaba Site Visit

We visited Alibaba’s HQ in North Hangzhou to rally their support to promote our upcoming campaign. This was my first time to Alibaba’s HQ – it was super impressive. There was the buzz of a silicon valley tech company and it reminded me of Google’s campus. We even held our meeting in the company cafe in the main lobby :).

Yes…that’s a red gDiaper


Interesting side note, Alibaba’s account managers are all called “小二, xiao er” or little two. I’m not entirely sure why, but they also all have unique nicknames — ours was called “fat fish”. Each are assigned to a project to make it as successful as possible.

Moving forward, I look forward to developing a broader relationship with Alibaba. Last year, they held a Gateway ’17 meeting in Detroit to invite more U.S small and medium-sized business to enter the China market. GoldenElms is built to make this happen, but we need each other to do so.


gDiaper Samples

Sample days are the best! We received the first round of samples for tiny gs in grey and white, as well as DIsposable Insert cases.

tiny g

Tiny gs are gDiapers equivalent of newborn sized diapers.

The front snaps down just below the belly button, to not bother a healing umbilical cord. Once the umbilical cord heals, customers can release the snaps to a higher, more comfortable rise – super smart! Adjustable closures fasten around the back and let baby’s tiny legs curl up naturally.

The entire Tiny G’s design from top to bottom has the baby’s comfort in mind.


Pure White

Disposable Inserts

A few cases of our disposable inserts showed up as well, all in perfect shape.



New Team Member

Welcome Carol to the team! She’s a recent graduate based out of Suzhou and will be helping with our messaging and handling customer service. But as with all startups go, she’ll be wearing a lot of hats.


Excited to have her on board and for our team to grow.


Next week, we are in a sprint to prepare collateral for the Taobao campaign.


Thank you for reading!