Pre-Orders, “Kickstarter”, and Tomb-Sweeping Day

April 2nd, 2018 – April 8th, 2018


This week we’ve had more sales, are growing our customer base, planning to launch a “Kickstarter” on Taobao, and was the week of Tomb-Sweeping Day!


gMoms/gDads (aka customers) are starting to share our content and place more orders! Technically, these are pre-orders since we won’t have inventory until May 11th, but they’re super excited to try the product out!

WeChat Moments

Sales through our LifeCow WeChat account


A passionate customer base will work wonders for our word-of-mouth – which amongst mothers is crucial. I’m also learning, customer service is going to be critical to our success. No matter how great the product is, parents are going to want 24/7 access.

I’m going to train up a small team to handle all inquiries – customers first, forever and always.


Taobao “Kickstarter”

We’re currently working with a company in Hangzhou to launch a “Kickstarter” campaign on Taobao. This is a great way to introduce new brands/products to the market, and the folks I’m working with have a ton of experience doing so.

The timeline is to get this out in the next month or so. In the meantime, we’ll continue to build momentum/relationships with potential distributors in the market.


Part of building the campaign is filming a bunch of short videos, starting with watching how quickly our inserts biodegrade (wet one only)!

Disposable Insert Day 1


Tomb-Sweeping Day

Tomb Sweeping day is an important holiday for families. They go home to pay respects to their ancestors and to spend time with family. If you’d like to learn more about the holiday, you can check out this link here.


What that means in the work world, is last Thursday was a national holiday and most office folks take the Friday/Saturday off as well, then Sunday is a workday. Chinese holiday schedules are different, in that usually workdays get moved to Sunday, which would never work in the U.S (Church + NFL?) :).


Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station the day before Tomb-Sweeping Day

This upcoming week we’ll continue to sell our brains out, create marketing/educational materials, and prep for the “Kickstarter” launch.


Thanks for reading!