gDiapers first sale and LifeCow + gDiapers Chinese name finalized!

March 19th, 2018 – March 25th, 2018


GoldenElms China still going strong. Best news of the week is that we closed our first sale!



First sale!!

We made our first sale! Claire is a young mother I met in Shanghai, and sold her one of the samples I’m bringing over from the states. I can’t frame the first dollar (it’s digital) but still going to print it out.

All through WeChat!

I can’t wait to get feedback on the fit and overall product experience. Once the product arrives, I’ll ship it out ASAP.

One down, millions to go :).


gDiapers Chinese name!

We will use gDiapers English name on all marketing materials and will use their ‘g’ mark on all products. For the Chinese market, however, it’s important to use a simple name for the brand to spread. I landed on “喜戴”.

  • 喜 (xi3) = phonetically has a similar sound to “g”.  By itself, as a noun, “xi”  means a happy event, or an occasion for celebration, and is often used around things related to a wedding. As a verb, it means to be fond of or to like. And as an adjective, it means happy, delighted, pleased.
  • 戴 (dai4) = phonetically sounds like the beginning of “diapers” with the d. As a verb, it means to put on / wear or to respect/honor.

Potential customers have absolutely loved the name. Together, the characters they sound like gDiapers, and the meaning is to be happy to put something on.


gHats? 🙂

WeChat group

One of the most popular sales channels in China right now is directly through WeChat. Since users digital wallets are built into the app, it’s easy to receive money directly from customers.


Our goal is to start pulling in customers and introducing the gDiaper brand to them. We will then try to pre-sell as much of our first inventory run as possible.


Insert Factory visit.

I also visited our insert factory – huge operation. We had to wear special clothing to go in the factory and walked through a sanitization room.


Our inventory won’t be ready until the end of April but I’m looking forward to working with this factory. They were super supportive and I’m incredibly confident in their ability to grow with us.



Chinese name!

LifCow’s Chinese name is finalized! We were incredibly fortunate our name was approved by the government. In fact, the agent helping me thought there was a 0% chance, but hey, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good!

Our official Chinese name is: 来富牛(上海)贸易有限公司。LifeCow (Shangha) Trading Company Ltd.

Phonetically the first two characters sound like “Life” and the last means cow. The characters themselves also have a great meaning,  which roughly translates to a cow that brings abundance.

  • 来 (lai2) = to come, to bring, to obtain
  • 富 (fu4) = rich, wealthy, abundance
  • 牛 (niu2)= cow

Overall I’m thrilled with the name because it shows our commitment to making healthy living more accessible for our customers.

I had to go to Shanghai to sign/finalize documents — and everything (company license, tax documents etc) should be ready in three weeks!


Friends (huge shoutout to Sean Offield) have been letting me stay in their homes and helped get our company off the ground. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for these friendships and all the help/support their giving me.


The upcoming week I need to finalize costs (warehousing, logistics, packaging) and continue to build our WeChat group to pre-sell product!

See you next week!