About Us

Our Vision

wolegang.com brings locally made natural and organic U.S. products to China at affordable prices through ecommerce. GoldenElms was founded to be the largest China-U.S. cross border opportunity platform, both in the public and private sector, with the ultimate goal of advancing China-U.S. cooperation.

GoldneElms was founded upon the belief that China and the U.S. is the most important relationship in the 21st century, and cooperation is the key foundation to navigate global challenges.

China and the U.S. have an incredible opportunity to stand together and address global challenges, but only if we cooperate, and the first step to cooperation is understanding, respect, and mutual trust.

To achieve our goal of advancing China-U.S. cooperation, we are building a cross border e platform to connect companies directly with consumers.

Our initial focus will be to bring the largest selection of locally made US products direct from suppliers to consumers in China.

We’ve started here because we’ve identified a few core problems in the cross-border e-commerce space.

Local Consumers:

  1. Lack trust in domestic products that go on or in the body: Beauty/Bath/Body, Health & Wellness, Baby & Kids, Pets.
  2. Imported products are incredibly expensive and not always authentic
  3. No customer support or service for products bought abroad
  4. Product discovery, especially in English, is challenging

Local Suppliers:

  1. Don’t have the budget/resources to set up a branch in China.
  2. Lack language and cultural understanding to serve the Chinese market via e commerce.
  3. Can't reach consumers cost effectively.

Our Solution:

wolegang.com (我乐港.com) uses the power of direct buying to bring Chinese consumers prices and the largest selection of local products, so it feels like they are shopping in America.

We are building a platform to address all the problems of cross-border e-commerce, check out “Our Model” below to see how it works.

Our company is based in Portland, OR and we look forward to building this with you.

Our Model

wolegang.com (我乐港) uses the power of direct buying to bring Chinese consumers affordable prices and a large selection of local products, so it feels like they are shopping in America.

Products: we work directly with US companies.

Our team works directly with local companies in America to find the highest-quality, locally made products - starting in Oregon in these categories, that hold up to our values.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Beauty, Bath & Body
  • Health & Wellness
  • Baby & Kids
  • Pets

Many local companies don’t have the resources to serve the Chinese market. That’s where we come in -- we are their bridge to China.

By working directly with the local companies, it allows us to offer the best customer service and guarantee they are real products.

Prices: we cut out the middlemen.

We structured wolegang.com to cut out the middlemen for the lowest prices.

Through the power of direct buying from local suppliers and reaching Chinese consumers through e-commerce,  we offer the most competitive prices

Delivery: we deliver to their door.

We ship products from our warehouse in America directly to the customer's doorstep. As we grow, we will work hard to cut down on shipping time and costs.

We’re committed and working tirelessly to bring the largest selection of local US products to China, as fast and cheaply as possible.

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